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Flight Simulator Addon: Harrier Jump Jet PC

Buy Flight Simulator Addon: Harrier Jump Jet PC from

Platform: PC
Category: Simulation
Censorship: G
Publisher: N/A
No Of Players: 
Release Date: 0000-00-00

Rec Retail Price: $89.95 **

Our Price:  $83.95 **

Star Rating:

Availability: Discontinued / No Longer Available **


This game requires an original version of MS Flight Simulator 2000 or Combat Flight Simulator or Combat Flight Simulator 2

.This is the total VSTOL experience for Flight Simulator 2000 and Combat Flight Simulator 2! Includes 22 Aircraft, Stunningly Realistic Falklands Scenery and Combat Missions The military's most remarkable aircraft is now available to fly in your favourite simulators! This stunning and comprehensive expansion provides the most accurate and detailed model ever seen of the legendary 'Jump Jet' 17 Harrier variants - from prototype to twin-seat demonstrator to the latest single-seater versions, each is recreated in high-tech detail. Carefully designed flight models give both authenticity and flyability with true VSTOL* abilities! Bonus aircraft allow you to fly the Sea King helicopter and Argentinean opposition in the South Atlantic too. Fully animated and beautifully textured - using the very latest techniques with gear, control surfaces and even the rotating jet nozzles on the Harrier moving smoothly and accurately. Authentic panels - each aircraft features a stunning cockpit environment with functioning gauges and six different Harrier panel types represented! They sound as good as they look too! - custom sound sets bring the roar of the jets, thump of the 30mm cannon or thud of the Sea King's rotors to life. Falklands Islands scenery - provides elevated mesh terrain, custom textures and a huge array of objects. From Stanley to Goose Green and Pebble Island you'll find aircraft, AA guns, SAM launchers, buildings, tents and vehicles. Warships ahoy - test your short take-offs and landings from the highly detailed HMS Invincible, itself part of a four-ship battle group. Plus frigates, destroyers, supply ships and even static aircraft on the decks. Falklands Campaign for Combat fans! - 20 missions recreate those tense days of conflict for both sides in the South Atlantic. Based on actual events, right down to the time of day, missions include interception, ground attack and anti-shipping. You'll come under ferocious AA fire from ships and artillery - there's even a simulated SAM launcher - and if your Harrier makes it back in one piece, there's still the challenge of a deck landing at the end of the mission! IMPORTANT - PLEASE NOTE: VSTOL - Very Short Take Off and Landing. While this product replicates the flying characteristics of the Harrier as closely as possible, the limitations of the host simulations do not allow for absolutely vertical take offs and landings. Combat missions only available in Combat Flight Simulator and not all features shown or detailed may be available in all Flight Simulator versions. System Requirements: Win 95/98/ME/2000 Pentium II 300 MHz 64MB RAM 800x600x16Bit Video 4X CD ROM 141MB HD

Flight Simulator Addon: Harrier Jump Jet PC

.. another quality Simulation game available from our Australian Online Games Shop.

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snapshot of the situation at the time this page was produced, which was 10/28/2008 11:37:12 PM.

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