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Settlers 3 Mission Pack: Quest for the Amazon PC

Platform: PC
Category: Strategy
Censorship: G8+
Publisher: Blue Byte
Release Date: 00-00-0000

Star Rating:

Availability: Discontinued / No Longer Available


A dangerous new wind blows in the land of the Settlers and the threat of battle hangs thick in the air. The mighty Amazon race has entered the realm of the Settlers. Founded by the fearsome goddess Q'nqura and led by a cunning and ruthless leader Penthesilea, they come ready to wage war and conquer civilizations Take up the sword of the Amazons! Swear your allegiance to the guileful goddess Q'nqura and embark on a campaign to dominate the Settlers world! Your fellow Amazons are not just imposing warriors but are also masters in the art of engagement strategy and civilizations building. They enter the heat of combat fully armed and show the patriachies who indeed is the weaker sex! The fourth Settlers race has arrived! Quest for the Amazons as a true expansion pack offers far more than a mission CD. It provides you with an altogether new Settlers culture. It presents a broad and distinct set of Amazon buildings, characters, unique occupations and spells along with a lethal Amazon instrument of war. The enhanced Settlers 3 Level Editor is included in Quest of The Amazons so that you can also design your own Settlers 3 Amazon maps. Features: - More than 50 new characters, 39 buildings, and a menacing new instrument of war - 2 new campaigns, each with 12 new missions: Players take up the sword of the Amazons to defeat Egyptians, Romans and Asians or test their combat strategy and wage war against the Amazons playing the opposing races - 10 new single player maps. Develop new and challenging missions using Amazon prowess - 8 new poweful spells and the magical properties of mead will help you wipe opponents off the face of the earth - A new thieft helps you scout outside your own territory and swipe the weapons and gold you need from unsuspecting foes - Create your own maps for all four races with the enhanced Settlers 3 level editor Full multiplayer capabilities: - 10 new multiplayer maps - LAN play and Internet play on the Settlers Internet Server - World Wide Ladder and Ranking System - Post and play online your own Level Editor Maps - Compete with other players in the new economic game mode and see who is the best at acquiring precious resources. Minimum System Requirements: - Required full installed version of Settlers 3 - Pentium 166MHz - Memory 32MB RAM - DirectX compatible grahics card with 2MB - 150MB HD space - Monitor with a resolution of 800x600x16-bit Hi-Color - 4x CDROM drive - Windows 95/98 or Windows NT 4.0 with DirectX 6.0 - 28.8kbpsmodem , TCP/IP and IPX/SPX for multiplayer game Recommended System Requirements: - Pentium II 266MHz - Memory 64MB RAM - DirectX compatible sound card - 28.8kbpsmodem , TCP/IP and IPX/SPX for multiplayer game (Blue Byte: Settlers 3 Mission Pack - Quest for the Amazon)

Settlers 3 Mission Pack: Quest for the Amazon PC

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